Our product catalogs

2” through 3.5” Horizontal Blinds Components

Components used to build Horizontal blinds, from 2” through specialized 3” WiVi and 3.5” shutter-blinds. Components.pdf


High Profile Blinds

Components specific to High Profile horizontal blinds. Hi-Profile.pdf


Low Profile Blinds

Components specific to Low Profile horizontal blinds. Low-Profile.pdf


EZ and Guideline Shade Components

Components for building Rollershades, in both the EZ and Guideline style. This is the primary shade component catalog.



Vertical Blinds

Components for Gene’s vertical blind systems



Rollershade Lift Options

A selection of various lift options for roller-shades, including motorization, cordless EZ-Matic springs, and spring-assist for large shades.



Zebra Shade Components

Components used to create stylish Zebra shades.