Our product catalogs

2” through 3.5” Horizontal Blinds Components

Components used to build Horizontal blinds, from 2” through specialized 3” WiVi and 3.5” shutter-blinds. Components.pdf


High Profile Blinds

Components specific to High Profile horizontal blinds. Hi-Profile.pdf


Low Profile Blinds

Components specific to Low Profile horizontal blinds. Low-Profile.pdf


EZ and Guideline Shade Components

Components for building Rollershades, in both the EZ and Guideline style. This is the primary shade component catalog.



Uni-Cassette Rollershades

Catalog focusing on our Uni-Cassette mounting and shade cover system



Rollershade Lift Options

A selection of various lift options for roller-shades, including motorization, cordless EZ-Matic springs, and spring-assist for large shades.



Zebra Shade Components

Components used to create stylish Zebra shades.